Classification of Slit Lamp Findings

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Classification of Slit Lamp Findings, by Wolfgang Sickenberger

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Classification of Slit Lamp Findings

Wolfgang Sickenberger

Despite modern technology the slit lamp is still a frequently used diagnostic tool.

This textbook aims to provide a practical, readily accessible guide to assessment of the anterior eye segment in the context of contact lens fitting and beyond. Besides a brief anatomic description of the structures under examination it draws on a wealth of illustrations and an extensive range of diagrams to explain all the major findings that can occur in association with contact lens wear.

Modern imaging methods for examining the anterior eye segment, notably slit lamp techniques and tear film analysis, are also covered in detail. Every chapter includes QR codes that refer the reader to further anterior segment techniques, video tutorials, classifications and findings spanning a wide variety of topics and can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet or PC alongside the textbook.

In addition, the textbook features training tools for classifying slit lamp findings and assessing contact lens fitting characteristics. Supplementing the clinical content are useful resources for contact lens fitters such as documentation aids, questionnaires for history taking as well as an extensive glossary.

This book is indispensable for ophthalmologists and optometrists alike
as the slit lamp remains a highly used technique […] This book, provides
a necessary update in this field, and a very important one.

Dr. José Lamarca Mateu
Deputy Medical Director and Coordinator of Anterior Segment
and Refractive Surgery Department at the Barraquer Ophthalmology Center

Leseprobe als PDF-Download.